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A family-owned restaurant with a long history!



At this corner of 201 Pine Avenue the first saloon license in Long Beach was issued to
Dennis J. McCarthy in May, 1890. 

In the late 1800s large ranchos dominated the region. But land sales were being made to developers who had
the vision to create new communities. In 1888 the city of Long Beach was founded and incorporated with 800 citizens. Incorporation meant Long Beach had it’s own city government. 
Dennis McCarthy got his saloon license by making an unusual compromise. He agreed
to a city ordinance requiring the saloon keeper to refuse entry to anyone who was asked in writing, by another family member, to keep their
father, son, wife or daughter out of the saloon.

During the 1890s there was stubborn opposition to those who favored more saloons. Facing stiff opposition, city officials decided to dis-incorporate the city in February 1897. They hoped Los Angeles would grant more licenses. But it turned out Los Angeles County said no to more licenses. So, the same city officials had to incorporate the city of Long Beach for the second time in the fall of 1897 and that’s the city’s official date of incorporation today. Prohibition became law about the same time as the discovery of oil in 1921 in nearby Signal Hill. But the enterprising Dennis J. McCarthy continued to sell alcohol to oil workers throughout the Prohibition.

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